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Jewellery 22 carat, 24 carat cost - The Deciding Factors

Gold is considered a precious metal. People buy gold jewellery on occasions such as marriage and naming ceremonies. A lot of trading and investments also take place in Gold daily. At the same time, the price of gold keeps fluctuating for various reasons. While demand for gold is the most significant factor in deciding the price, there are numerous other factors too. We have identified some of the deciding factors of the gold price below:


Demand and supply is the price deciding factor of any commodity in the market. It is the same with gold too. Occasions such as the festive seasons, the demand for gold is high, and the price may be slightly higher. High demand will result in a hike in price. Oversupply and weak demand result in low rates.


When inflation is at its peak, the value of money in hand becomes weak. At this juncture, buying gold is a bright idea. Hence, you can beat inflation. It will result in a spike in the gold rate, and thus gold should be there in an investors portfolio.Consult us to know the gold price in your state now.

Rate of Interests

There is a close association between the gold price and interest rates. When the interest rates are high, people sell their gold to maximum profit out of the interest rates they receive from banks. At the same time, during low-interest rates, people buy more gold. It results in a hike in gold prices in the market.

Fluctuations in Currency Rates

Fluctuations in currency rates also affect gold rates. If the value of INR is low the import of gold become costly. This will hike the price of gold in India.


Taxes are vital in the determination of gold prices. Taxes differ from city to city and state to state. We assess all the factors that affect the price of gold daily and present the perfect gold price today.

Jewelry Market

In India, the jewelry market plays an important role in deciding the Gold Price. Mostly, people buy jewelry at special occasions. During the festive and marriage seasons, people buy more amount of gold.